EN – INTERNATIONAL Non-Governmental ORGANIZATIONS frustrating SALONE Economy- Spectator Newspaper

International or National Organisations worldwide is to help to advocate and lobby for the people for better services provided by the government for peace and tranquillity to prevail.

I have never seen international or local organizations ganging against a country and subsequently discouraging potential investors from investing into the country.

Investigation conducted by this medium reveals that there is a grand ploy by certain International Organizations working alongside local Non-Governmental Organizations like Green Scenery to discourage potential and genuine investors out of Sierra Leone.

The grand ploy has being boomerang as the so-called organizations are beginning to lick their wounds, owing to the fact that there wicked intention is in the public domain.

Their plans to disappoint multi-national companies out of the country by organizing premeditated demonstrations is destroying and killing the Sierra Leone economy.

Local Non-Governmental should tried and put Sierra Leone above all else and stop pampering these so-called organizations calling themselves INGOs.

These ‘mafia’ organizations are bent on killing the Sierra Leone’s economy with the help of Green Scenery to unpopular the government by scaring investors out of the country, which will make the job employment very frightening.

President Koroma has times without number appealed to multi-national companies to come and invest in Sierra Leone, but these so-called organizations are given the government hell of a problem by discouraging genuine investors.

Reputable organizations should not support ‘pseudo’ organizations whose only goal is bent on frustrating the investments in Sierra Leone.

The operation of Green Scenery in Sierra Leone should be questioned by Sierra Leoneans at a time when the government is gripping with massive unemployment across the country.

Sierra Leoneans are urging reputable organizations to stop working with Green Scenery or any other organizations that are propagating native things concerning the country.

Green Scenery according to them should be investigated by the government and brought to book for the injustice they have done to Sierra Leoneans.

The protection for multi-national companies should be the government and other agencies first priority to encourage them to have a workable environment like it happens in neighbouring countries.

There should be urgency from the government to investigate these organizations and also search for the local partners they are working with like Green Scenery which is notorious in discouraging investors.

The wickedness by certain Sierra Leoneans to team up with International Organisations to discouraged prospective investors to Sierra Leone is a criminal act by law and one should be punished for such a deliberate act.

Sierra Leoneans are totally disturbed and dumfounded by the act of these so-called international organizations painting the country negatively in the international media.

Some of these investors that have braved the tide to come and invest in Sierra Leone should be protected from the hands of Green Scenery and its lies they perpetrated worldwide.

The continuous harassment and false propaganda by Green Scenery with supports of international NGOs like the German Catholics Agency for International Cooperation, Civil Peace Service, BMZ Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development, Christian aid, Finn Church Aid (FCA), ICCO Inter-church Organization for Development Cooperation, ILC International Land Coalition, NED National Endowment for Democracy, Oakland Institute, Welthungerhilfe Ev.

Germany (WHH) and UNDP United Nations Development Programme in Sierra Leone should desist in dealing with Green Scenery if they want to be neutral.

The above mentioned organizations I believed are credible organizations and should not be fooled by Green Scenery.
They should cleverly do their investigation in investigating all the problems Joseph Rahall has done in Pujehun District and beyond.

The aforementioned organizations should also rethink that money given to Green Scenery should be properly accounted.

Is Green Scenery accountable to its partners?

The government of President Koroma should also bring to book these ‘evil organizations’ for putting the country aback in terms of foreign investment.

The continuous demonstration by miscreant individuals at the office of Socfin Agricultural Company in Belgium speaks the unfaithfulness of Joseph Rahall and his caboodle of unpatriotic organizations peddling as International Non-Governmental Organizations. What’s balderdash?

President Koroma should speedily investigate these saboteurs’ organizations that are discouraging investment into the country.
The President should be watchful and observant of some of these organisations like certain International Agencies parading as genuine investors to the government.
A word for a wise is quiet sufficient.

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