Sahn-Malen Chiefdom Reacted to Deceptively Petition Lists

Article from The Guardian Post– 19/05/22

The Chiefdom authority of Sahn-Malen Chiefdom have unanimously exposed the criminality and wrongdoing behavior perpetrated by officials of Green Scenery and FIAN- Belgium clandestinely working with depleted members of the Malen Land Owners Association prior to a shady and clandestine petition orchestrated by Joseph Rahall and Hon. Sheka Sama to discredits the RSPO certificate given to Socfin Agricultural Company.

According to the Paramount Chief, the so-called petition was shrouded in controversy and disagreement as 95% of the names that was published by Green Scenery is faulty and defective thereby exposing the deep-rooted hatred and malice Green Scenery and FIAN-Belgium have for the agricultural company in Sahn-Malen Chiefdom.

“95% of the Names in the petition lists do not signed the so-called petition list but was signed by Hon. Sheka Sama with few of his supporters and do not have the blessing of Sahn-Malen Chiefdom,” Paramount Chief Kebbie was quoted as saying during a general meeting with his people in the chiefdom.

Paramount Chief Kebbie was very vocal to the reality as he publicly shames the moves by Joseph Rahall and his surrogates like FIAN-Belgium for the endless provocation and chaos into his chiefdom which he urged the security apparatus to speedily intervened and bring the perpetrators to face the laws of the land.

However, public dissatisfaction are growing in Sahn-Malen as resident are calling on the government of Sierra Leone to advised Joseph Rahall and his proxies like the defunct Malen Land Owners Association to trek cautiously in their chiefdom.

The credibility of FIAN-Belgium is hanging on a thread after chiefdom authorities of Sahn-Malen accused the clandestine and surreptitious moves by close associates of FIAN-Belgium like Green Scenery and MALOA trying to mislead and incites hapless villagers against the authorities.

In a letter written by stakeholders of Sahn-Malen Chiefdom with the subject: Report of Investigation into lists of Persons alleged to have signed the petition objecting the RSPO Certification of Socfin, Sierra Leone sent by Malen Land Owners Association exposes the shenanigan of Green Scenery, FIAN-Belgium trying to depletes the chiefdom with fabricated and pathological stories.

According to letter: I refer to the above and state that investigations carried out by Chiefdom Authorities into lists of persons alleged to have signed the petition objecting to the RSPO Certificate of Socfin was found to be fraudulent. 95% of people in 34 villages on the petition list did not sign by themselves; somebody signed on their behalf. Few MALOA members, working in collaboration with some International NGOs carried out this criminal act. The few who signed were given wrong and misleading information. In fact, two of the villages mentioned on that petition list (Jao and Nyandehun) are not Socfin’s operational villages. This is forgery and act of criminal behavior at the highest level. How on earth can four years child sign a petition as it was the case in Kpanguma Village. These criminals will be prosecuted; one has already been prosecuted at the Malen Native Court and has pleaded guilty. Scores of names and signature of residents of Sahn-Malen have proved the fraudulent behavior of MALOA and their benefactors.

The Pujehun District Multi-Stakeholders Platform has also added their voice into the ugly situation created by Joseph Rahall, MALOA , FIAN-Belgium and the rest of others who are tirelessly sabotaging the efforts of President Julius Maada Bio in the country for their self-seeking and egocentric approach.

According to the different engagements by the Pujehun District Multi-Stakeholders within the chiefdom with targeted communities reveals that most of the people who signed the petition were not aware of signing a petition, some people only became aware to have signed a petition during the investigation meeting by DMSP, also learned that some people signed the petition on the pretext that they will receive supplies for the vulnerable people, some for employment, and others signed because they are aggrieved with SAC operations, in some communities the list was compiled by an individual and signed without the knowledge of those whose names were on it, some names written on the petition were under the ages of seven and below (like in the case of Kpanguma community involving Hawa Munda and Adama Magba respectively.

Both FIAN-Belgium and Green Scenery have met strong resistance by authorities of Sahn-Malen Chiefdom and the District Multi-Stakeholders Platform for Pujehun District which comprises of CSOs, District Security Coordinator, Chairman Civil Society, District Land Officer Pujehun District among other stakeholders within the district. Green Scenery and FIAN-Belgium should concentrates on the positive aspects in Pujehun District and stop the senseless calumny against the agricultural company in Sahn-Malen Chiefdom.


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