soc-563x272Sierra Leoneans across the country have questioned the operation of Green Scenery in the country towards multi-national companies.

The displeased Sierra Leoneans recounted that Green Scenery organization are clandestinely working with foreign individuals to discredit well-meaning companies that are helping to boosts the country’s economy.

According to our information the disingenuousness of the so-called Non-Governmental Organization should be watchfully monitor by the government and other Civil Society’s Organizations across the country.

The current calumny Green Scenery is playing in the international scene to discredits trustworthy companies will have a negative impact to thousands of employees working for the agricultural company.

The government should be attentive and watchful of some of these phoney international experts coming into the country in the guise of community work.

‘Some of Green Scenery Partners do not loved the government and are doing all sorts of pathological stories to discredit multi-national companies internationally that have confidence in the government and the respective areas they are operating,’ our source said.

The campaign of calumny, hate and destruction to present an ugly image of the various heads for his ‘unscrupulous activities’ will surely boomerang because SAC and other multi-national companies has performed exemplarily well since their inception into the sovereign nation.

No criminal-minded Sierra Leoneans will therefore succeed in destroying the spotless reputation multi-national companies has made over the years.

It is my humble opinion, that Multi-national Company like Socfin Agricultural Company has made a niche in the development strides of Sierra Leone as compared to those so-called Civil Society’s Organizations that are causing all sorts of conundrum for the government in discouraging credible investors.

The government and its people will forever cherished multi-national company in high esteem in helping boosting the economy of the country.

Green Scenery according to our information has returned to their old habit of self-sabotage, by publicly discrediting and posting all sorts of trash against patriot companies that have benefitted Sierra Leoneans.

Joseph Rahall and his Green Scenery owe multi-national companies, especially Socfin Agricultural Company an apology for misinforming the general public and the world as a whole with all sorts of pathological and fabricated stories.

The government of President Koroma should be aware of such an organization that is bent dispiriting multi-national companies in investing in the country.

It could be recalled that President Koroma has being calling genuine investors to help the economy of the country, but with the attitude of the likes of Joseph Rahall, potential investors will be scaring to come and invests in the country.

The public knows that Non-Governmental Organization likes Green Scenery are spewing all sorts of negative propaganda against potential investors in the country in favour of their pay masters in the diaspora.

The government in the other hand should stand and protects these multi-national companies against ‘dead woods’ Civil Society Organizations.

It is about time Green Scenery and Joseph Rahall kept quiet because they are not only jealous of the multi-national companies, but they have also betrayed the confidence of Sierra Leoneans who had thought they would put their integrity and the interest of the country above material things.

I believe the government and people of Sierra Leoneans should start resisting such unpatriotic CSOs who are only interested in themselves because of selfishness and greed.

But whether they believe it or not, the stone that Green Scenery and Joseph Rahall are rejecting shall be the head corner stone for the people of Sierra Leone in making the various chiefdoms a works yard.

The evidences are there, the chiefdom people and the government are living testimony towards the transformation of Sahn-Malen and the district as a whole by the agricultural mogul company.

Most often some of these Civil Society Organizations are established to fulfil donor conditionality’s, with no intention of providing job for the people.

Other African countries are in ecstasy jubilant for multi-national companies because they know the kind of development they are bringing in their respective countries.

Sierra Leoneans should follow trend to encouraged multi-national to have an interrupted environment to invest peacefully.

The radical position of Green Scenery and his like should be stopped and help these companies to build our country to the height of fame.

I hope some of these Civil Society Organizations will not continue to provoke some of these multi-national companies like Socfin Agricultural Company to leave the country with their continuous bickering.

The Sierra Leone Imports and Exports Agency should be seen in protecting multi-national companies from the hands of self-seeking Civil Society Organizations in the country.

They should provide the enable environment for international companies who have invested so much in the country, but with few individuals like Joseph Rahall and his cohorts multi-national companies in Sierra Leone are having a sleepless night.

The various investment conferences organized by the government to lure investors into the country is not gaining any dividend to some of these multi-national companies as the continuous torments and unnecessary harassment by Green Scenery and other narrow-minded Sierra Leoneans are problematic to these companies.

The government should protect multi-national companies from the hands of ‘Evil Society Organizations’ like Green Scenery.

A recent interview by the Paramount Chief of Sahn-Malen Chiefdom who doubles as singular representation in the well of Parliament for Pujehun District was highly delighted for the company into his chiefdom and the district as a whole.

‘We know the kind of development our chiefdom have benefitted from multi-national company,’ he said.
‘We will continue to give them the enable environment to operates in the chiefdom unhindered,’

He pleaded to Civil Society Organizations to desist in troubling multi-national companies in the country, but help to disseminate positive messages about the country to the international media.

The pulling Down syndrome should be stooped.

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