The role of a Member of Parliament in a multi-party democracy is to help the central government to make laws, encourage investors, and help push development into their respective constituencies for the betterment of the constituents and also help to propagate peace and unity for peaceful co-existence in the constituency they represent.

For the people of Constituency 104, we’ve seen a different ball game wherein their Member of Parliament (Hon. Sheka Sama) is urging them to steal the fruits from a multi-million dollar foreign investor company (Socfin Agricultural Company) that has transformed Malen Chiefdom into a works yard with huge admiration from the government, which was translated by the Vice President who visited the chiefdom recently on a conducted tour across the plantation and the Mill correspondingly.

What’s a message coming from a Member of Parliament at a time when the government is appealing to genuine investors to help the country? Did Hon. Sheka Sama know the implication of his misguided statement? Can someone please tell the legislator that such a statement can land him in Police custody? Why should a Member of Parliament endorse illegality? Why should Sheka Sama order the people of Malen Chiefdom that they are free to steal the fruits of Socfin Agricultural Company because the company stole their land?

It could be noted that the Government of Sierra Leone made contract with the people of Malen Chiefdom in the form of land lease agreement, the Agricultural Company has a sub lease agreement with the government which they are cooperating with religiously.

Where is the land-grabbing coming from? The Member of Parliament made the injudicious statement in the presence of the Deputy Chairman and the Chief Administrator of Pujehun District Council.

The government of the New Direction under President Julius Maada Bio should take action against such a statement by a whole legislator who should complement the efforts of the government but not undermine the government.

The misguided statement made by Sheka Sama at that consultative meeting in Malen Chiefdom in the presence of stakeholders in Pujehun should be retracted by the very man himself.

The thieving process going on in the company plantation is making the Agricultural outfit to lose Billions of Leones just because of the proclamation made by the former People’s Movement for Democratic Change politician.

This medium is of the view that Hon. Sheka Sama should help complement the efforts of the government in preaching peace to the people of Malen Chiefdom.

Inciting hapless villagers to steal from the plantation of the company is totally unacceptable; Sierra Leone is governed by laws, we’re not in a jungle state wherein only the strong survive.

The New Direction of President Julius Maada Bio should try their best to bring sanity in Sahn Malen Chiefdom to give the Agricultural Company good working across the operational area of the company.

The unending intimidation and threats from miscreants calling themselves MALOA is also putting the company aback in their day to day operations and the incessant threat of the Member of Parliament is causing unease for management of Socfin Agricultural Company.

Hope someone will be bold and brave enough to tell the Member of Parliament to apologize for such a senseless, inciteful and distasteful statement made in the presence of Pujehun District Council elders.

Further information conducted by this medium reveals that just after the misguided statement of Hon. Sheka Sama some villagers started to rampantly steal the fruits of the company at ease.

The Civil Society Organizations and their international partners like FIAN are giving a lip service on the wild statement made by Sheka Sama to his people to steal from the company plantation. How can they promote such lawlessness in a civilized society like Sierra Leone?

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