Government of President Ernest Bai Koroma has unequivocally exonerated Socfin Agricultural Company of any Land grabbing within the company operational areas.

This revelation was explained to The Spectator and other media houses when the President and his entourage where having tea break at the premises of Paramount Chief Kebbie on Friday the 22nd of December.

According to the government official there is no amount of land grabbing in the chiefdom, noting that the company is operating within the framework of the Ministry of Lands and other line Ministries.

“We are satisfied with the operational directives of the company,” he said, citing that they are surprise with the kind of development in the within the operational area of the company.

Also, President Koroma earlier called on the chiefdom authority in Sahn-Malen Chiefdom to support Socfin Agricultural Company for progress and growth in the district.

“I am please with the development in the Chiefdom,” he said, noting that the Agricultural Company is a blessing to the district and the country as a whole.

President Koroma also praised residents of Malen Chiefdom for the peaceful co-existence in the chiefdom and hope it will continue to go from strength to strengths.

“Anywhere there is peace and quietness development will always come to such place, you already have such an investment for your generation yet unborn,” he said.

The President also cautions residents of Sahn-Malen Chiefdom not to expect to get everything from the Agricultural Company overnight, as development is a gradual process.

“It will happen bit by bit,” he assured, if you expect to collect everything overnight then in the future there will be nothing to benefit from, and everything will collapse.” He reiterated.

President Koroma also urged the people to be patient and show understanding for the smooth running of the company and also to work together in peace and harmony.

President Koroma spoke about the college in Malen Chiefdom which he said will tremendously help the chiefdom people to acquired knowledge and skills that will be required to grow the community and it will involve workers of Socfin and there will be no need to send workers in overseas for training.

The President furthered that when someone bring in there money from overseas to invest and you start hassling them they won’t only leave, but no one else will come and invest in your community.

“When Socfin investment succeed more investors will come and this is how we expect the country to grow, so please let’s continue to collaborate and those that are still not showing understanding let us sit down and talk.

The President also called on Paramount Chief Kebbie not to relent on talking to his subjects.

“You are the Chief and you are the dad to all in the community, some of the people might be good some of them might be bad, but they are all your people and it is your duty to bring them all to the table and talk.” He retorts.

President Koroma also assured Paramount Chief Kebbie that he has shown to the nation that he has foresight and that he’s a progressive chief and his government will support him all the way.

“I personally, anywhere there is development I will give 100% of my support to Chief Kebbie and I will continue to support chief after I retire.” He guaranteed.

Gov't exonerates Socfin of land grabbing

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