EN – We are greatful to Socfin Agricultural Company

Resident of Sahn-Malen Chiefdom Pujehun district continues to applaud the strides made by Socfin Agricultural Company in their chiefdom and Pujehun District as a whole.

According to the residents, a town which was considered as an eerie chiefdom has metamorphosed into a works yard due to the timely intervention of the company and that of their diligent and hard working Paramount Chief. Chiefdom Speaker of Sahn-Malen Chiefdom explained to this medium that the people of Malen chiefdom are wholeheartedly please with the presence of the company and the developmental projects the company is doing in the chiefdom. “We are actually thrilled by the developmental projects we are seeing in Sahn-Malen chiefdom”, he said.
“We are appealing to all detractors to stop carrying negative stories about the company, we the stakeholders and people of Malen Chiefdom are elated with the company operations.

Chief Moiguah was also cheerful to make known to the public that the so-called Malen Affected Land Owners Association (MALOA) does not have any recognition in the chiefdom, and the public should give them deaf ears. “80% of this individuals posing to be land owners are not, they are doing monkey business in the chiefdom”. He said. The Chiefdom Speaker ended up by appealing to the storytellers to think Sierra Leone and not their individual beliefs.

General Manager of Socfin Agricultural Company Philip Tonks, continues to reiterates the company corporate social responsibility in Pujehun District as massive to the people of Sahn-Malen Chiefdom and the district as a whole. He also assured the chiefdom authority of their continued supports to the chiefdom whenever the need arises. Philip also appreciate the local authorities in Malen for their unreserved support towards the company and also make known that SAC is operating in a open forum for Sierra Leoneans to see the transparency of the company. The construction of water-wells, community roads, public toilets, extension of the clinics, and central mosque for the chiefdom are all evident of the facts that the company is yielding to its corporate social responsibility.

ING. Sven Van Den Broucke, head of projects Socfin Agricultural Company stated that the Mill has been designed for a total processing of 60tons fruits per hour, of which the first phase is 30ton/hr which will be extended. The extraction rate of oil he said will be around 22%, the mill will provide its own electricity, a steam boiler (20ton/hr steam) that runs on the fibers of the fruits, which will be used for keeping the whole process sterile and to also generate a turbine. The capacity of the turbine is 1,8MW, which will produce in the first phase 1.2MW of electricity. An oil storage of 4200 ton on site, a kernel storage of 600M on site also. The Mill which is nearly in completion is one of the biggest in West Africa.
by Cecil Cole Showers Jnr

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