EN – Green Scenery Blacklisted In Malen Chiefdom!

The Local Chiefs of Malen Chiefdom has unequivocally puts their records straight to the government and other Non-Governmental Organizations on the undue interference by Green Scenery into their Chiefdom. The Paramount Chief, Section Chiefs, Chiefdom Speaker and the people of Malen Chiefdom are appealing to Green Scenery to stop meddling into the chiefdom as development is what they need for the people of Malen Chiefdom.

Below is a Press Release Issued out by Local Chiefs of Malen Chiefdom.


The local Chiefs of Malen Chiefdom hereby express thanks and appreciation to the Government of Sierra Leone for its supportive role accorded to the ongoing operations of Socfin Agricultural Company Sierra Leone Limited as an Agricultural investor’s busy carrying out its economic and development activities in Malen Chiefdom in the Pujehun District.

The local Chiefs and the peace loving people of Malen Chiefdom will as usual continue to cooperate and extend open hands to all law abiding functional local and international NGOs but view with total dismay and profound shock the uncompromising attitude to Green Scenery which has continue to hold meetings otherwise considered as confrontational and unacceptable as it has systematically promoted discord by working alongside unregistered groups including MALOA.

And inline of the foregoing the local Chiefs are left with no option but to call on all law abiding residents of Malen Chiefdom to henceforth stop from attending meetings and doing business with Green Scenery with the view of putting an out all end to illegal activities perpetrated by Green Scenery as recently evident with the visit of the Parliamentary Committee of both land and Agriculture which was occasioned with the failure of the Executive Director of Green Scenery Joseph Rahall to provide documentary evidence irrespective of the activities of Socfin.

Notwithstanding Malen Chiefdom remains open and receptive to all genuine operating NGOs in line with Government activities but not the likes of Green Scenery which uses entities like MALOA to push forward its agenda as it has continue to hold clandestine meetings only to put natives of Malen Chiefdom apart.

In conclusion, the local Chiefs and people of Malen Chiefdom want to make abundantly clear that they will continue to partner with aspirations of Socfin for better development undertaking.

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