EN – Parliamentary Committees expressed congratulation for Socfin

The Parliamentary Committees on Land & Agricultural, chaired by the Parliamentary Chief Whip, conducted their visit in Sahn Malen (Malen Chiefdom, Pujehun District) on Saturday 15th March 2014 on the invitation of the environmental NGO Green Scenery. This visit aims to highlight the accusations of Green Scenery about the eventual responsibility of Socfin Agricultural Company (SAC LTD) in the acquisition of the land without adapted compensation to the land farmers.

After meetings with several of the so-called aggrieved land owners, it came out that, all along, Green Scenery had based their reports and accusations about the operations of SAC on a cocktail of lies supplied by some discredited individuals claiming to be members of the group MALOA (Malen Land Owners Association) led by Hon. Shiaka Sama.

Green Scenery has been publicly accused by one of the local authorities of trying to create unrest in their Chiefdom by allegedly supporting rebellious groups like MALOA. Various other Parliamentarians and many others made contributions in total condemnation of the behaviour and the handiwork of Green Scenery Director (Joseph Rahal).

The Parliamentary Committees expressed congratulation for Socfin for living up to its Corporate Social Responsibility, particularly for the rice cultivation project started since 2011 which aims to provide food sufficiency in Malen and beyond.

This visit has exposed the activities of some of these so-called NGOs. Green Scenery has lost credibility in Sierra Leone and MALOA is no longer considered as a credible advocacy group because of its biased approaches against Socfin.

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