Sierra Leone News: Sahn Malen tussle continues in Court

Police investigator Andrew Goba Sowa has on Tuesday 26th March testified before Magistrate Hannah Bonnie that three witnesses, including Paramount Chief Victor Kebbie told the police that first accused; Shiaka Sama uttered inciting statements that led to a fracas in Sahn Malen Chiefdom. The witness also pointed to evidence of a video clip of a meeting organized by the Independent Member of Parliament, Shaika Sama, where he made inciting statements. Sowa further directed the Court to the statements made by PC Kebbie where the first accused told his supporters that if he is not granted the opportunity to construct his constituency office on a piece of land that is said to be in dispute, he will make the chiefdom ungovernable. Sowa further disclosed how the first accused during a constituency meeting told landowners how they were cheated by the Socfin Agricultural Company. The witness further told the Court that the first accused explained his intention to ensure that landowners benefit from the lease of their land. The witness also explained how Honorable Sama went ahead in unseating three section chiefs. Meanwhile, Sama and 16 others are before the Court for allegations of Conspiracy, Kidnapping, Larceny, Malicious Damage, Disorderly Behavior among others. According to Police, the accused on 1st January 2019, armed with a cutlass, entered the Socfin Agricultural Company premises in Sahn Malen, Pujehun District, Southern Sierra Leone, and committed atrocities. In their first appearance in Court, the accused denied the allegations and were later admitted to Le50 million bail each. The matter continues today as the prosecution looks into the statements of the three witnesses that told the police investigator that Sama incited the violence in Malen Chiefdom.

SV/26/3/19  - By Sylvia Villa- Wednesday March 27, 2019.