The Member of Parliament for Constituency 104 in Sahn-Malen Chiefdom, Pujehun District has reportedly told his constituents that they are free to steal the fruits of Socfin Agricultural Company because the company stole their land.

The MP made the declaration in the presence of the Deputy Chairman Pujehun District Council, Mohamed N. Mansaray, Chief Administrator, Edward Alpha and the Councilors in Constituency 104.

The dialogue meeting held on the 30th June, 2018 to figure the way forward in the chiefdom and how the multi-national company will have cordial relationship with opposing factors.

However, the frivolous and misguided statement by Hon. Sheka Sama has given villagers of Sahn-Malen Chiefdom the leeway to steal the fruits from Socfin’s plantation at will.

“The MP is moving from village to village inciting people to steal from the plantation of Socfin,” one of the Councilors claimed, noting that the behavior of Hon. Sheka Sama is complete madness..

Investigation conducted by this medium just after the irresponsible statement of the MP revealed that the rampant thieving in the operational area of the company is going from bad to worse. Bunches of oil palm fruits were reportedly discovered in block 23D by the swamp track, while two new massive processing areas have also been destroyed.

The new technique the thieves are using, according to our investigation, is to hide bunches of fruits inside waterlogged swamps.

However, through in-depth findings by the security apparatus of Sharp and the company, two suspects from Kpombu who later reportedly escaped from justice. One of the suspects was Gbessay.

Also, over 60 people in the Kpombu community armed with machetes reportedly threatened the security of both Socfin Agricultural Company and SHARP security agency.

One of the EA workers from Kpombu called Dauda Jabbie (EMS 02578) reportedly threatened SAC Security Supervisor, Sheku Mallah and with recalcitrance told the EA Pruning Supervisor, Isaac Khobie that they would harvest the plantation whenever they wanted.

The situation is reportedly getting out of hands and some concerned indigenes believe that the Central Government should intervene with immediate effect to halt the nefarious activities of Hon. Sheka Sama which many Sierra Leoneans believe is undermining development in the Sahn-Malen Chiefdom, especially at a time when Pujehun District is in dire need of development and willing to complement the efforts of the Bio administration in taking the country to higher height.

Many stakeholders say the Government should do something urgently to protect the agricultural company from its continuous attack by Hon. Sheka Sama surrogates under the guise OF MUALUMA.2018 07 14 The spectator

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