EN – Chief Kebbie Hails Socfin

The Paramount Chief Member of Parliament for Pujehun district, Hon. PC Victor Kebbie has appealed to both local and international NGOs, to stop inciting some disgruntled people in his Chiefdom against Socfin Agricultural Company (SL) Limited.

In an exclusive interview with the Global Times in Freetown on Wednesday, Hon. PC Kebbie said, “Before the coming of Socfin to my Chiefdom, the women and youths had no jobs…I am happy to say to you that, Socfin has provided jobs for thousands of people in my Chiefdom”.

Hon. PC Kebbie of Malen Chiefdom in the Pujehun district said that, he was very pleased with the operations of Socfin in his Chiefdom. “The company has met its Corporate Social Responsibility in my Chiefdom… They have built schools, hospitals (clinics), paying of school fees for some school children, construction of feeder roads, etc”, Hon. P.C Kebbie told the Global Times.

The Hon. Paramount Chief Member of Parliament said that, those who want to create confusion in his Chiefdom, by inciting some disgruntled people to take up arms against Socfin are ‘enemies of progress and development”. He asked, “If Socfin leaves my Chiefdom tomorrow, how many of these NGOs will create jobs for my people”? Hon. P.C. Kebbie said that his Chiefdom is very peaceful and the majority of his people are law-abiding.

Hon. PC Kebbie came to the throne in 1980, after the death of his late father the previous year. He is currently the Paramount Chief Member of Parliament representing the Pujehun district.

Hon. PC Kebbie is also a member of the ECOWAS Parliament sitting in the Nigerian capital, Abuja. He is also a member of the influential PAC (Public Accounts Committee) in the Parliament of Sierra Leone.

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