EN – ‘Socfin agricultural company is close to our hearts’ – Youths declare

The youths of Sahn Malen Chiefdom, Pujehun District, have declared that Socfin Agricultural Company is close to the hearts of peace-loving landowners and that they will continue to cooperate with the company for development in the chiefdom and to help rebuild the district and the country.

The legitimate and rightful Youths Development Organization in Sahn Malen Chiefdom made the statement in the wake of the barbaric and criminal act by a few ill-motivated individuals within the chiefdom.

The youths have vehemently condemned the violence perpetrated against the Plantation Manager and Zone A Manager of Socfin Agricultural Company on Thursday 15th January.

The two managers were brutally attacked and put under gun point close to Bamba village, two miles outside Sahn Malen Chiefdom, by a few hoodlums. “Malen Youths Development Organization view with dismay the malicious and vicious attack on peaceful foreign workers as an act of vandalism tantamount to a calculated and deliberate attempt to put fear in the populace and the entire workforce thereby disrupting the smooth operations of the company which has become the major source of employment for over five thousand mostly youths drawn from across the country,” a press release issued by the organization states.

According to the release, the Malen Youths Development Organization further wants the entire public to know that they constitute the only legitimate registered landowners of Malen Chiefdom who are prepare and ready to continue to relate, cooperate and work with Socfin Agricultural Company.

The youths also want the Government and the Sierra Leone Police (SLP) to leave no stone unturned but to arrest and bring to book the perpetrators of such heinous crime that has the potential to cause greater harm to the chiefdom and the rest of the country.

The passionate youths called on the indigenes of Malen Chiefdom to join force with the view of providing reliable and vital information useful to the ongoing police investigations.

Malen Youths Development Organization also appealed to all peace-loving indigenes to be always prepared to help put out any fire attacks within and outside the plantation.

The organization also entreated indigenes to help contain the deadly Ebola virus by complying with health regulations and refraining from traditional and cultural practices.

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